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Digital Transformation at Sea: Singtel Partners KVH Industries to Accelerate Maritime Digitalisation Across Asia Pacific
To empower a maritime industry that is undergoing rapid digital transformation, Singtel has inked a strategic partnership with KVH Industries (KVH) to deliver an accessible, seamless and high-speed broadband satellite service with KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband satellite connectivity to accelerate maritime digitalisation across Asia Pacific.

As the leading maritime communications service provider in the region, Singtel now offers more options to maritime customers with a holistic solution that enhances operational efficiencies with greater affordability, improves crew welfare and increases onboard safety. Leveraging the new synergy between Singtel and KVH, maritime companies can now enjoy:
Fast and reliable global connection with unlimited data use
Free leasing and hardware
Free delivery and installation
Crew welfare with daily local news and crew training video
Delivering Leading-Edge Broadband Services
The partnership will see Singtel providing its maritime customers with KVH’s all-new TracPhone® V7HTS Antenna System available via the KVH mini-VSAT AgilePlansTM — an affordable broadband service that meets a ship’s business data and voice needs — while offering a separate Internet pipe to better meet crew welfare needs.

Maritime companies looking for broadband services with flexible contract terms and no commitment will welcome this service which offers unprecedented agility to better support new applications onboard.

The KVH mini-VSAT AgilePlanTM is a comprehensive, no commitment, subscription-based connectivity-as-a-service which comes with:
Connectivity service: Global broadband data connections as fast as 10Mbps and crystal-clear voice connections
FREE unlimited use data channel upgradable to speeds as fast as 4Mbps x 1Mbps
VSAT hardware: Rugged and proven all-new TracPhone® V7HTS Antenna System
Curated content: World-class crew welfare including daily TV and print news, training and critical operations content
Installation, support and service: Technical support and network management including free shipping and free installation (selected key global ports), with zero maintenance costs
Positioned for today’s “always-on” world, the strategic Singtel-KVH partnership empowers maritime companies to accelerate the transformation of their fleets, enabling faster adoption of digital technologies from the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud to data analytics.

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